Native Plant Trails

Native Plant Trail

The Coastal Georgia Botanical Garden Native Plant Trail is designed to educate and interest visitors in some of the many wonderful plant species native to southeast Georgia.

There are many reasons to treasure native plants and consider them as an important part of home gardens:

  • Native plants are inherently well adapted to local soil, temperature and climate conditions.
  • They tend to be relatively easy to grow and require fewer inputs, which reduces work and costs to the gardener.
  • Fewer inputs lowers the possibility of harmful environmental impacts.
  • Using native plants avoids the use of foreign species that may be invasive and/or harbor diseases for which native plants have no resistance.
  • Introducing and expanding native plants promotes biodiversity.
  • Birds, bees, butterflies and other animals that depend on native plants are more likely to flourish.
  • Native plants greatly widen the choices available to gardeners, including beautiful ornamentals, trees, shrubs, ferns, herbs, grasses, ground covers and fruits. There are literally hundreds of native plants suitable for gardens in the Georgia Coastal Plain region.

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