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Garden Etiquette

As a botanical garden, we strive for the preservation, display and maintenance of a wide array of plants. Think of us as a “zoo for plants,” where we educate the public about the plant kingdom’s diversity, uses and beauty. To ensure the health and integrity of our plant collection during your visit, kindly abide by these simple rules of etiquette:

  • No pets allowed. Certified service animals are permitted and must remain out of garden beds.
  • Do not pick flowers, leaves or fruits from any plants. Taking unauthorized plant propagation cuttings is prohibited.
  • Walk on the grass and remain on sidewalks and other paved surfaces. Refrain from stepping into mulched planting beds as you risk damaging dormant plants, metal plant markers and our irrigation lines and emitters.
  • Photography is welcomed, but do not manipulate plants or flowers for the sake of your shot. Don’t position people so that they are in planting areas where they may trample dormant bulbs and flowers and cause soil compaction. Wedding photographs are expected to maintain these standards, especially regarding keeping people out of garden beds and off of fountains, structures and rocks.
  • Place your litter in proper receptacles.
  • Bicycles are prohibited on sidewalks and garden walkways. Please park your bicycle and walk the property.
  • All tobacco products are prohibited on the premises. No smoking, chewing tobacco, or e-cigarettes (vaping) are allowed.