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Shade & Sun Gardens


Woodland Shade Garden

Initially planted the latter months of 2014, this area is set around freshwater lakes. Light/high shade from slash and loblolly pines creates a habitat for many native trees and shrubs as well as wildflowers, spring-flowering bulbs and ferns. Numerous rare Asian- and American-native plants are being added as well as hundreds of Southern Indica, Encore, Satsuki and Glenn Dale azalea selections.



Sun Garden

The spiral pathway with a golden orange seating wall marks the center of the Sun Garden. Here find foliage and flowering plants that display gold to yellow leaves, blossoms or fruits. Look for palms mixed with citrus, flowering shrubs, hardy tropical perennials and spring bulbs. The adjacent open savanna of the Sun Garden features pillars of juniper jutting up from rosettes of agave and red-orange flowering perennials.