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Formal, White & Trustees Gardens



Formal Garden

Completed in late spring 2015, the four Italian-Renaissance parterres of the Formal Garden are viewed off the back terrace of the Visitor Center. Over 800 hedged yaupon hollies are surrounded by olive and Natchez crapemyrtle trees. Nearby is the Crescent, a bed anchored by a specimen Emily Bruner holly. Also seen are four mule palms and French Baroque-inspired hedges of golden privet.





White Garden

Three elegant white fiberglass pergolas anchor a Bermudagrass lawn in this garden completed in summer 2015. Soothing vistas to the lake may be seen from all areas of the White Garden. Also look for seasonal flowers from white-flowering or silvery-white-foliage plants, such as Iceberg rose, wormwood, silver saw palmetto, Chinese snowball, Stokes aster, evergreen clematis, Mexican bush sage, daffodils and Chinese fringe tree, just to name a few.




Historic Georgia Trustees Garden Replica

A miniaturized replica of the 10-acre Trustees Garden first constructed by James Oglethorpe in 1734 in Savannah, our replica was completed in spring 2015. It contains historically accurate plantings of mulberries, sour oranges, grapes, figs, pomegranates and many more crops and plants first trialed and used by the first colonists to settle in colonial Georgia.