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Gardens & Gazebos

Particularly nice for small wedding ceremonies, exchange vows in a gazebo with guests seated nearby in the Cottage Garden. Or, rent the Rose, Water, Sun or Camellia Garden or an adjacent turf lawn area.

Rental Information

Rent any of our outdoor gardens for your special occasion. For small weddings, the Cottage Garden is by far the most popular while the White Garden is ideal for weddings with 100-200 guests. These two gardens have lawns that permit the use of outdoor seating chairs. Other garden spaces may be rented for your event, too. The central axis and gate posts at the Mediterranean Garden makes a nice backdrop to vows and seated guests on a small green lawn. The Water Garden has become especially popular for wedding photos. When in full bloom, the Rose Garden is pretty for bridal party photos, too. (Photographers must remember that positioning people in planting beds is forbidden, even in the Rose Garden!)

While you may view any outdoor garden spaces during a typical Gardens admission ticket, an appointment is required to view our rental building facilities or if you wish to have your specific event-planning questions answered. Please call (912) 921-5460 to schedule your viewing appointment with a CGBG representative.

  • The Cottage Garden’s lawn will easily hold up to 100 chairs. There is little to no room for chairs around the Camellia Garden gazebo. The lawn near the Mediterranean Garden gates can accommodate 50 chairs. There are three wooden bridges in the Water Garden, but no space on paved walkways for seating.
  • Outdoor catering services, decorations and clean-up are the responsibility of the renter.
  • When a garden is used for a rental event, guests must not walk into planting beds or damage plant collections.
  • Throwing rice, birdseed, or confetti is not permitted in our gardens. Instead, we recommended using bubbles or a native butterfly release.
  • Outdoor insect-repellent foggers are not allowed, as they will kill beneficial insects (including butterflies and ladybugs).

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