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Bridal Cottage

The Bridal Cottage, once the superintendent’s office at the historic USDA Plant Introduction Station, is climate-controlled with a private bathroom. It’s a short walk from both the Bethel Bur-Ton Conference Center and Cottage Garden.


Rental Information

This small and charming structure is often used today as a boudoir for brides having their wedding ceremony at CGBG. The high-ceiling Bridal Cottage houses a private restroom and main room complete with three-panel mirror and cosmetics vanity.

Bench and chair seating accommodates up to five people for the bride and her closest confidants. The Bridal Cottage has both air-conditioning and heating. An appointment is required to view our rental building facilities. Please call (912) 921-5460 to schedule your viewing appointment with a CGBG representative.


Fee Schedule

Time FrameRental FeeDamage Deposit
Flat charge per event$250n/a
All set-up and cleanup must be accomplished within the allotted rental period on CGBG property that day.